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Joie de Vivre

The South West region of France stretches from Toulouse, the region's largest city, to the Spanish border and the Pyrenees. Spanning inland from Bordeaux, this area has 40,000 acres of rolling hills and countryside vineyards. On its coast, you'll find miles of white-sand beaches surrounded by the calm Bay of Biscay.

Spend your days discovering prehistoric sites and romantic castles, admiring the majestic surroundings, and watching the sunset from your private terrace while sipping on world-class wine.

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Top Attractions

During your stay in your South West France villa, you’ll want to explore the ancient city of Périgueux, a bustling town with a charming old quarter of narrow cobble-stone streets that house many wine stores, boutiques and cafés. Head to the medieval city of Bayonne, with its picturesque old town, to sample the city's famous chocolates and try the local cured ham. Toulouse, France's fourth largest city, offers a variety of fun cultural experiences; if you're a sports fan, try to catch a Stade Toulousain or Toulouse Olympique rugby match.