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An Idyllic Escape

A popular destination for honeymooners, Santorini is among the most idyllic of the Greek Islands. Its cliffside ocean views are some of the best in the world. Just outside your Santorini villa, you’ll find beautiful black- and red-sand beaches, scattered wineries, and timeworn cathedrals whose bright white stucco is a brilliant contrast to the shimmering blue sea below.

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What to Do in Santorini 

In town, you can shop for locally made jewelry, leather goods and art, and feast on traditional dishes that incorporate the island’s fresh ingredients, like just-caught fish, tomato-keftedes, fava beans, grilled eggplant, and crusted feta cheese with honey. When it comes to drinks, Santorini wines, ouzo, and tsipuro are all local favorites.

For a taste of history, the island also has a few museums to choose from, among them an archaeological museum and a folklore museum. Make sure to visit the archeological site of Akrotiri, a Bronze Age settlement preserved by volcanic ash in 1627 BCE – closed for 6 years for repairs, Akrotiri finally reopened to tourists in April 2012. 

Of course when most people come to Santorini, the tranquillity of the island is the main attraction. So no matter what your agenda, be sure to make room for ample rest and relaxation – Santorini is the perfect place for it.