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Warm & Welcoming

Puerto Rico is an ideal destination for travelers seeking a laid-back beach getaway with rich culture and friendly, welcoming locals. With a mix of Caribbean, African, Hispanic, and U.S. influences, Puerto Rico manages to pack a varied cultural punch – from art galleries to surf shops, golf courses to reggaeton clubs, the island offers it all. 

For a relatively small island (about the size of Connecticut), Puerto Rico offers a wide range of landscapes as well. You can surf and snorkel, hike steep mountain trails, or explore El Yunque National Forest, the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest system. Puerto Rico is also home to some of the deepest caves in the world; depending on your desired level of adventure, you can either rappel down a cliffside or take a more leisurely tour of the caverns by tram.

Our villa rentals in Puerto Rico are close to the island’s beaches, mountains, and rainforests as well as the restaurants and nightlife of St. Juan. 

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Kids and adults alike will be fascinated by Rio Camuy Cave Park (Parque Las Cavernas de Río Camuy), a huge 268-acre park of underground caves. A tram carries you down to the caverns, which you explore by foot. Kids will be thrilled to spot frogs, bats, crabs, and other creepy-crawlies.

For those who can stay up past nightfall, a tour of Bioluminescent Bay in Vieques is a must-do. Kayak out on a dark, moonless night for the best view of the microscopic glowing organisms floating in the bay. It’s a surreal experience you won’t soon forget.

The 45-acre Zoológico de Puerto Rico on the west coast of the island is a family favorite. Head to the African park for the main attractions: check out elephants, lions, giraffes and rhinos.

Located in the northwest part of the island, the Arecibo Observatory is the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope. Learn about astronomy in the visitor center’s museum after you take in the stunning view of the 1,000-ft.-wide dish.


Puerto Rico may be known for its tropical climate and powdery-white beautiful beaches, but its nightlife and entertainment offered is thought to be one of the most spirited around the world.

San Juan is rich in culinary tradition, but for a more lively experience, Puerto Rico is home to many nightclubs, waterparks and beach activities.

From the beach clubs and cocktail lounges to the specialty restaurants, you’ll never run out of entertainment option on the island oasis of Puerto Rico.