Why Rent a Villa?

Let the crowds stay at a hotel...

Villas are luxurious, private residences that are made available to vacation travelers.

Villas usually range from 1-20 bedrooms and offer additional living spaces: living rooms, dining rooms, fully-equipped kitchens, and outdoor areas including verandas and pools. They are usually equipped with amenities and a dedicated staff to cater to your specific needs. Luxury villas are often more economical for traveling families and couples.

Why rent a villa over a hotel or resort?

  • Personalized attention and service from an experienced Villa Specialist and Concierge
  • Allows you to create a unique, customized experience based on your needs
  • Superb value – spend less, receive more; villas are often a much better value per person than multiple hotel or resort suites
  • More space, privacy, and quiet – no strangers in the next room, or even by the pool 
  • Great for all occasions, from big group gatherings to intimate getaways
  • Many different options – choose from thousands of villas in over 50 destinations across the globe
  • Not a timeshare or fractional ownership – travel where you want, when you want, without membership fees